Katanning is home to some incredible native species, but how much do we really know about them?

As part of our commitment to environmental education, Katanning Landcare has just released the ‘Katanning’s Special Species’ educational resources.

These resources feature 15 locally endangered and/or iconic native animal, bird, amphibian and reptile species are now available to any and all interested teachers and environmental educators across WA, for free!

They are suitable for a range of ages, but are particularly relevant to early learning and primary school. They can provide an addition to the suite of tools teachers already employ, or used to develop stand-alone programs for a range of Curriculum outcomes.

“We want students to learn more about our local native species, so that they value them and are more aware of how the things they do during the course of daily life can have a positive or negative impact.” said Katanning Landcare Executive Officer Andrea Salmond.

We also want to reinforce to young people that they are important to the very existence of these species. They can play a role as stewards of their local environment.”

Want to know which species have made the list and start putting these resources to good use?

All you need to do is sign up as a member of Katanning Landcare on-line. Just tick the ‘yes I’m a teacher’ box, enter your school’s details, and you are in.

Once you have your member login details, you can then access these resources any time, via our website’s Educational Resources portal.

“We wanted to share these resources in this way so that we can monitor their uptake. Otherwise it can be difficult to keep track of how well they have been received by educators. If they prove to be popular, we would love to expand the suite of resources available online in future. Teachers who become members can also add resources to the portal so that they have an easy avenue to share information.”

Plus being a member of our organisation has lots of other perks and is completely free!” added Ms Salmond.

We have also created some super cool giveaways featuring our furry, feathered, scaly and spiky friends, like postcards, stickers and magnets. Teachers who get involved in our activities, events, school visits and displays this year, you might just jag yourself and your students some of these goodies!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

This initiative is delivered through funding from the Government of Western Australia’s State NRM Program, through Royalties for Regions.