Update 27 May 2015: I just learned that I put a wrong digit in bank account details on the donation form! Oh dear! Any donations made via EFT will not have been processed – check your bank statement for a bounce-back! Updated forms supplied below:

Update 26 May 2015: We would like to thank Peter and Christine Molinari for their generous donation of $270 towards a whole bench! Christine also provided her time and muscles on Sunday to attend the bog garden planting busy bee. Thank you so much, Molinari’s for your generous support of this project!

Update 13 May 2015: We are so thrilled with the response to this call for donations! We have already received $295 from our amazing community members. Thank you so much to those who have already donated. We really appreciate your help! For those who would like to donate, please complete the donation form and return it to us. We can accept cash, cheque or direct deposit at this time (bank details provided on form). Have a Seat at Piesse Donation Record v2 (word document) or Have a Seat at Piesse Donation Record v2 (pdf format). In related news, we are working on getting an online donation system running on our website, and hope that will be up and running early next week.

In a joint project between Katanning Landcare, Katanning Action Network and the Shire of Katanning, the Friends of Piesse Lake group has formed and is taking action to beautify a patch of Katanning’s historic greenspace. Led by Bev Lockley, the  Friends of Piesse Lake team is cleaning up, and planting locally endemic native species in a formal style, showcasing some of the Great Southern regions’ unique flora. A formal garden layout utilising native species isn’t the usual ‘done thing’ but Bev, a garden designer and passionate native plant enthusiast, hopes to show how flexible and beautiful native Australian plants can be in a garden setting. “Eventually, we hope to keep going, extending the whole area into a native botanic garden around the Lake,” said Bev. Plant Collage - compressed Water-Sensitive Urban Design principles will also play a part in this project, showcasing the use of native plants to build a bog garden in what is otherwise just a simple run-off drain. See http://www.newwaterways.org.au/ for more information on Water Sensitive Urban Design.
IMG_5919 a

The bog garden, on the path to the historical pump mound.

A closer look at the bog garden, before it gets planted out.

A closer look at the bog garden, before it gets planted out.

A small area, relative to the whole of the Piesse Lake development, has been set aside by the Shire of Katanning to allow the Friends of Piesse Lake to demonstrate what a few dedicated volunteers can do to brighten and clean up a public space.
IMG_5913 a

From the road, the area to the left of the path will be planted with natives in arched garden beds.

IMG_5922 a

The historical pump. Much more accessible now that the first busy bee cleanup has come through.

IMG_5923 a

I am told, on good authority, that the pump at this site used to provide water to the whole town.

  The Friends of Piesse Lake are asking for donations to purchase two bench seats to be placed here at the pump site, so people can enjoy the view out to the water, or take a short break as they go for their daily walk.
Each bench costs approximately $270 and is made in Australia.

Each bench costs approximately $270 and is made in Australia.

  Visit the Friends of Piesse Lake Adopt-A-Spot location, donate to help purchase the benches, or come along to one of the Working Busy Bees to see the place transformed! Call for donations v2 To make a donation to Friends of Piesse Lake, please contact Katanning Landcare on 08 9821 4327, or email andrea@katanninglandcare.org.au or stop in to our office at 10 Dore Street in Katanning. Donations will not be tax deductible, but all donations of any size will be welcomed, and will be put directly into the purchase of the benches or their installation and upkeep, or site development and maintenance at the Friends of Piesse Lake patch. Donations can be kept anonymous, or we would be happy to acknowledge your contribution publicly. Please fill in a donation form and return it to the Katanning Landcare team: Have a Seat at Piesse Donation Record v2 (word document) or Have a Seat at Piesse Donation Record v2 (pdf format).