Selling Western Power may help solve Western Australia’s financial woes but it leaves its customers susceptible to uncertain energy prices in the future. Katanning is ideally suited to adopt solar technology and reduce our reliance on energy supplied by Western Power. The efficiency of solar technology has improved rapidly and the price  for panels reduced due to the enthusiastic adoption of solar technology in Europe. Besides reducing the cost of the power we use, adopting solar power generation is a positive way we can reduce our global footprint. I am fortunate in not having paid a power bill since 2000. Look at your power bill and work out what I have saved! Talk to those businesses that have adopted solar power to reduce their running costs. It is now possible to have grid connect and batteries. During the day your house runs on the sun, at night it runs on batteries. When the sun comes up you run your house appliances and charge your batteries and when your batteries are full you feed into the grid. When there is a power outage your house will run on sun and batteries. If you have been thinking about “going solar” you may be interested in joining the Katanning Solar Buying Club. How will this work? Register your interest with Katanning Landcare. When we get around 10 people interested we will contact solar system providers to give us quotes with a discount for bulk buying.