Where to Recycle those Tricky Items in Katanning

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By: Andrea Salmond

There are some things you should never put in your rubbish bin. And there are things that can’t be accepted in your yellow recycle bin, either. And even still, there are items that you no longer need, but aren’t ready for the trash.

As a responsible, environmentally aware citizen, how do you manage these items?

We have discovered that there’s a place for almost everything here in Katanning! And we are amazed at how many groups and individuals your donations and recycling efforts help out!

We hope the following list helps you determine where to take some of those trickier items for proper disposal.

(Download this handy guide in a pdf format here: where-to-recycle)


Item Where in Katanning? Cost Comments What happens next?
Aesbestos Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) Charges If you have less than 1 cubic metre, you can bring in double wrapped and taped for $100. If you have larger volumes, please speak to an aesbestos mitigator for safe removal and disposal It is burried immediatley to prevent any contamination through air particles, and paperwork filed with the appropriate authorities.
Animal Carcases Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) $6/small carcass (up to sheep), $17/large (horse or cow) Sometimes our animals die and we aren’t in a position to be able to bury them. The tip accepts carcases for a small dispposal fee.
Car batteries Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) Free These are picked up by a recycling company
Chemical Drums Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) Free Please triple-rinse all your chemical drums Managed through the drumMUSTER program http://drummuster.com.au/
Clothing Several drop off points around Katanning, including:
– St Patrick’s Primary School (St Vinnies Bins in car park)
– Arch Angel Op Shop (for clothes in good nick)
– Bakehouse Jeanery (recycled clothing sold upstairs)
– Activ Foundation Op Shop
Free Some clothes are too good to turn into rags, so share them with someone else by donating them to St Vinnies, or dropping them off for resale at the op shops in town.
Coffee Pods KD’s Garden Centre Free Have a leak-free zip lock bag (or similar) next to your coffee maker. When you’ve made a cup, simply pop the whole pod into the baggie, and when full, seal up and drop off to KDs. It is recycled through a group called TerraCycle. See http://www.terracycle.com.au/en-AU/
E-Waste – electronic items such as computers, tvs, etc Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) Free Bring these in to the shed. These are being collected for transport to Activ Foundation for disassembly and proper recycling. https://www.activ.asn.au/
Furniture, bicycles, household items, and clothing KREAC (Katanning Regional Emergency Accommodation Centre) on Oxley Road Free Call ahead to make arrangements to drop items off as they aren’t available to receive every day. 98 214 008 Your furniture is sold at very low prices to people moving out of the emergency accommodation into independent housing. Basics like beds and mattresses, tables, charis and dressers are welcome items. Kids furniture and items are also in need.
Green Waste Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) Free If you can’t compost your waste, or wait for the green waste verge side collection, drop your green waste off to the tip at no cost.
Household batteries Katanning Landcare, Katanning Library Free Any type of common use battery, such as AA to 9volts, both the rechargable and non-rechargables. Also, larger batteries from power tools can be accepted A volunteer takes them to a recycling centre in Perth.
Large Plastics – car bumpers, etc Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) Free Who knew there was a way to manage those large or awkward items! Stockpiled until sufficient volume is available be picked up by the recyclers.
Mobile Phones Katanning Post Office Free Ask for a mobile muster bag, insert the phone and the Post Office will send it off for you, free of charge It is posted to a group that recycles phone. See more about the process here: http://www.mobilemuster.com.au/learn-about-recycling/
Plastic Bags and other ‘soft’ or ‘scruncable’ plastic,  including: shopping, bread, rice and pasta bags, biscuit packets and trays, frozen food bags, confectionery (lollie) packets, newspaper wrap, bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags,  old green (and other re-usable) bags Woolworths Katanning Free Collect all the soft (‘scrunchable’) plastics that you can’t recycle at home and drop into the wheelie bin at the entry.
Please note that while Katanning Woolworths is undergoing renovations, this service is not available.
The collected items are compacted and baled and sent off for recycling through REDcycle (http://redcycle.net.au/redcycle/) and turned into various things, like outdoor furniture and signs
Printer Cartridges Katanning Post Office Free Pass your old toner and printer cartridges to the staff, who will add it to the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark collection Your old cartridges are turned into all sorts of handy things, including fully recycled pens. See http://cartridges.planetark.org/ for more information
Scrap Metal, White Goods Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) Free All types of metal can be collected, including aluminum, old roof sheets, applicances, pipes and more All metal appliances and scrap metals are collected and held until there is sufficient volume to be picked up by the scrap metal recyclers.
Smaller household items Kobeelya
Activ Foundation Op Shop
Free There is a drop off bin at Kobeelya where you can donate items that are too good to throw away. Items can include linens, small appliances, and other handy household items
Tyres Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) Charge A per tyre charge is collected from the disposer, depending on tyre size.
I have also heard that Tyrepower and other tyre retailers in Katanning have recycling programs.
Collected by a tyre recycler at regular intervals.
Waste Oil Katanning Refuse Site (Tip) $0.35 per Litre Bring in to the deposit shed Collected and recycled

(Download this handy guide in a pdf format here: where-to-recycle)

Did I miss anything? Please let me know in the comments below!

For general household waste disposal at the tip (things that can’t be recycled in the list above or that don’t fit into your wheelie bin), there is a per cubic meter charge of $25. The average box trailer is 6×4 and if not overfilled (only loaded up to the sides) that is about a 1/2 a cubic meter – so approximately $12.50. This is an estimate only and is provided as a guide only, your situation may vary.

For more information on the Katanning Tip and its services, please see the Shire’s website: http://www.katanning.wa.gov.au/services/rate-payers-and-residents/waste-and-recycling.aspx

Author: Andrea Salmond

Andrea has been with Katanning Landcare since 2013 and is passionate about equipping people with the tools, skills and resources they need to make positive changes to our environment.

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3 Comments for : Where to Recycle those Tricky Items in Katanning
    • Ella
    • November 6, 2016

    Let us know when the soft plastic recycling gets up and running at Woolworths!

    • Reply

      Actually, I asked Fran the other day, and she said to bring our bags in to the service desk and ask them to take it to the plastic recycling out the back. The girl I brought mine in looked at me a little oddly, but when I said “Fran said so” she said “okay!”
      But I will be sure to let you know when it’s brought out front again for easy access.

  1. Reply

    I want to make sure that I recycle everything that can be recycled. I didn’t know that there were so many different things! It’s interesting that some metal can be recycled, too. I’ll make sure I make a special pile for it!

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